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... And I Have An Obvious Objection I'm Not Sure I Want To Raise!!

When you've had a lifelong interest in magical girls, but suddenly they take an interest in you...

Written for Light Novelber 2018.

For the record, the main characters' canonical nicknames are "The Protagonist", "The Magical Girl", "The Mage Knight", and "The Local Animal Mascot". The canonical short title is "Local Animal Mascot".

If you enjoyed this, watch this space (very patiently) for:

  • the Gold release (still PWYW), which will probably be better polished and definitely add at least two scenes
  • a mobile-friendly version??? I don't actually know how to do that but I might figure it out
  • and my next project, A Glamorous Time Traveler Is Trying To Help Me Live My Best Life And I Can't Put My Finger On Why She Seems So Familiar!!

... I think this is the first original work I've actually completed. Like, ever. What the heck?

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
Tagsgender-feels, LGBT, light-novel, magical-girl, Transgender


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(1 edit)

Went through my downloads, found this. Nice PM chain!

> Subject: OMFG why does it keep adding more Re:s?!


Orange text of importance! Protagonist isn't getting the clues! hehe!

> Did you know that, for magical purposes, 'technology' counts as an element? That was a bad day.

Oh no.

> But no cosmic author's voice boomed indignantly from the heavens to
protest, so I discarded that hypothesis.


"You had your hand over my mouth again -- would you rather I bit you?"

I was thinking bite! Good job!

> (This lexical confusion is why I hate staying up past midnight.)


> Did you know that my telepathy can go both ways, if you want it to? Some magical girls
can't say it out loud the first time, but they can think it "out loud".

Aww, nice!

Non-flashy magic is more energy efficient and such! And an imbuing is something to watch, I guess.

My Spaceship Crash-Landed and its relation to this makes sense now!

P.S. - Weeping Angels quantum-lock! heh